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Magic Login

API for WordPress passwordless login

This plugin is not only for admins who create content, but also for customers who read content. With WordPress, you can protect your content behind a firewall and make it accessible only to logged-in users.

Magic Login API allows you to create deep linked "auto login" links through your ESP Allowing you to send password protected pages to users without requiring that they login.



Forget about passwords. To log into WordPress, just enter your email. You will receive a login email from WordPress or your ESP. Click on it and you’re in - no passwords required. This way, you don’t have to remember or reset your password every time. You can also access your private content with one click.

Deep Link Login

With any email service provider (ESP) you prefer, such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, or Iterable, you can create a marketing email with an upsell offer. The email will contain a link that automatically logs the user into WordPress and redirects them to a hidden page of your choice.

Single Use Login

If you want to share your protected content with your mailing list, you can send them a single-use deep link. This link will log them into WordPress and let them view that page only once. After that, the link will expire and they will need to log in again.

Session Invalidation

You might worry about abuse when you send password links by email. That’s why we have session invalidation. This feature logs out users from any other devices they are using when they click on a password link.

Universal Email Preference Center

WordPress Plugin for Managing Email Preferences

Let your users control their email subscriptions with a simple and fast email preference center that works with Iterable and ActiveCampaign. You can set it up in 5 minutes and enjoy automatic updates of your unsubscribe lists.


Email Detection

The plugin detects utm parameters and shows the user their list subscriptions automatically.

Default and Required Subscription Options

Display default and required preferences for email lists with clarity and ease. The Universal Email Preference Center supports ESPs that use auto-selected, unselected, mandatory or optional lists.

Custom Styles

Customize your preference center’s style, list name and description to fit your website and attract your users.

High Security Features and Design

Secure your preference center from unauthorized changes by verifying your users’ email addresses and keys. Choose from multiple methods of verification for high security applications.

TantraTimer (under dev)

A meditation app designed to be used in new and creative ways.

Tantra Timer is a mobile application that is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It offers various functionalities related to playing meditation music and other types of music. Apart from functioning as a regular media player with features such as music store and playlist, Tantra Timer can also be used as a concentration tool, group therapy assistant, alarm clock, or Pomodoro Timer. You can use it to play and pause music as per your requirements.


Media Player

Users can sign up, create an account, and build a playlist of meditation, concentration, or wakeup music, and then listen to it as they would on any normal media player.

Interval Timer

Set a period of time for listening to music, for example, 5 minutes, and then another period for concentration, for example, 20 minutes.

Group Therapy

In group mode, you can set the number of people, the period of time, and the break time. Tantra Timer will then calculate the duration and the number of minutes each person gets to share, and will play music during the break.

Alarm Clock

Imagine waking up to a pleasant song or subscribing to a guru for morning wisdom. With Tantra Timer, you can set your alarm clock to a playlist or artist and listen to new content every morning!

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