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A totally free platform which gives you an alternative to using expensive saas providers. 

Wondering how I offer my clients free lifetime hosting? I do it the same way GoDaddy offers "2.99" WordPress. I rent a server. I have a few, but one of my favorites is called Cloudron. Super easy to manage, Cloudron has done an incredible job of collecting high-quality open source projects in one place.

Dozens of them, all spun up inside of docker instances. One of those programs is called GHOST it is a modern faster alternative to WordPress. Another is called Surfer - Surfer is built for hosting static websites.

For me hosting a static website is as simple as designing it wherever usually Wordpress or Webflow. Then pushing it through a static site generator static sites are some of the fastest sites on the internet! In fact, there is a new technology called Gatsby.js you can write your website win Javascript, Jatsby.js processes it and generates an entirely static website.

That combines the incredible speed of a static site with the content of a CRM like Ghost or WordPress. But I digress.

With Cloudron you can host your own git repositories, host your app, host your website, build a private media server, run Minecraft, play with Linux, and 1000 other things! Like, building your own Wikipedia, or running KanBan boards and project management. Service a mailing list without any limits.

Anyway, if you know Linux then it is worth playing with Cloudron, if you have a small business then it is worth having a nerd on your team who knows Cloudron!