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What is Cloudron

While we can all agree that Google Apps are impressive, Zapier offers a simple solution, Iterable is renowned for providing the best email marketing service, and WPengine is known as the fastest WordPress host, when you add it all up, you may find that your monthly bill can easily exceed $1000.

Cloudron offers a plethora of options for hosting your own Git repositories, apps, websites, private media servers, email lists, newsletters, and much more. With Cloudron, you can even build your own Wikipedia, run Kanban boards for project management, host your own apps, and execute marketing automation tasks with ease.

Cloudron is an open-source package manager that utilizes Docker to install web applications in a manner similar to that of installing apps on your cellphone. Docker ensures security, and the admin interface itself is also highly secure.

I personally host my website on WordPress through Cloudron. Moreover, I also use Cloudron for hosting my automation server, URL shortener, and nearly a dozen other projects.

For me, hosting a static website is a simple process. I design the website on a platform such as WordPress or Webflow, and then use a static site generator to deploy it to a domain of my choosing, where it can remain available indefinitely.

Whether you are already familiar with Linux or not, it’s worth exploring Cloudron to see its full potential. If you own a small business, it’s worth having a skilled team member who knows how to leverage Cloudron’s capabilities.

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