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Magic Login

A WordPress Plugin sophisticated WP Sites which host private content

One feature wordpress has is the ability to log in, that applies for yes the admins to create content. But it can also apply for customers to read content, private content held behind a firewall.

This is the world of membership content sites.
Magic Login allows you to create deep linked autologin links through your ESP Allowing you to send password protected content to your users using deep links.



Instead of having to remember your password in order to log into wordpress simply enter your email. WordPress or your ESP will send you a Login Email. Just click to login, - No Passwords.

Deep Link Login

Create an email in your ESP of choice like mailchimp, husbpot, or iterable.... it can be a marketing email, like an upsell. When the user clicks on that link they are logged in to wordpress and taken directly to a hidden page of your choice.

Single Use Login

Have protected content but would also like your mailing list to read it? Send a single use Deep Link once the user clicks on it they are logged in just to view that page once.

Session Invalidation

With so many password links getting sent by email you may be concerned about abuse... With session invalidation users are booted from any other logged in devices.

Universal Email Preference Center

WordPress Plugin for Email Preferences

An Email Preference center for Iterable and ActiveCampaign which works smoothly.
Help you users to manage their email preferences with ease. Installation takes 5 minutes and unsubscribes become magically dynamic!


Email Detection

The plugin listns to the utm parameters so the plugin is able to automatically grab list subscriptions and show them to the user.

Reverse Logic

Some ESPs have opt out lists, which are the opposite of opt in lists. This is challenging to display because off means on and on means off but easy with the Universal Email Preference Center.

Custom Styles

Easily style your preference center to match your website, or change the email list name and description to be more appealing.

Coming Soon.

We are working on 'Univeralizing' the Preference center similar to magic login we are already reprogramming with custom API center.

TantraTimer (under dev)

A meditation app designed to be used in new and creative ways.

Tantra Timer is an Andriod and iOS app designed to play meditation music, or music in general in a variety of ways. In addition to being a normal media player with a music store and playlist. Tantra Timer allows you play, and pause music. Turning your music experience into a concentration tool, a group therapy assistant, an alarm clock or a Pomadero Timer.


Media Player

Users can sign up, create and account build a playlist of meditation, concentration, or wakeup music then listen as they would on any normal media player.

Interval Timer

Set a period of time which you would like to listen to music, perhaps.. 5 minutes, then a period which you would like to concentrate perhaps 20 minutes.

Group Therapy

In group mode you can set a number of people, a period of time, and period of break time. Then Tantra Timer will calculate how long and for how many minutes everyone gets to share. Also is will play music during the break.

Alarm Clock

Imagine you would like to wake up to a pleasant song, or subscribe to a guru for morning wisdom. In Tantra timer you can set your alarm clock to a playlist or artist and listen to new content every morning!

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